Voice therapy

We offer therapy for:

  • Hoarseness in professional voice users including performing artists, educators, executives, clergy, lecturers, etc.
  • Dysphagia related to radiation fibrosis– Offers soft tissue manual techniques
  • Dysphonia related to Parkinson’s disease using the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment
  • Benign vocal fold lesions including nodules (singer’s nodes), polyps
  • Functional voice disorders such as muscle tension dysphonia
  • Breathing Disorders including Asthma, Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement, Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Allergies, and Chronic Cough
Therapy techniques and approaches:

We combine a variety of therapy approaches such as Resonant Voice Therapy, Vocal Function exercises, LSVT, exercises to develop voluntary control of different structures of the vocal mechanism (Estill Voice training), and more to address the individual difficulties of each client.

In addition, we offer two very unique and highly effective services:

  • Laryngeal manipulation- this technique is highly effective to alleviate symptoms related to excessive perilaryngeal muscle tension. It helps to alleviate chronic sore throat, cough and congestion, globus complaints, muscle tightness, improves ease of swallowing, hoarseness, vocal stamina and flexibility. Hadas is trained by its developer, osteopath Jacob Lieberman, who works with singers in London
  • Using the Buteyko principles to improve speaking and singing voice