Sleep disorders

Buteyko breathing in a nutshell

In 1952, Russian respiratory Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered that the volume of air we breathe has notable effects on our health. He listed approximately 150 diseases that are caused by over breathing, or hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation means breathing more air than your body needs at a particular time.  Examples include breathing through your mouth while driving a car or watching TV.  Often, hyperventilation occurs subconsciously, resulting in irritation, inflammation, and constriction of the airways. Breathing incorrectly may have devastating results on your health.

Sleep apnea is characterized as sleep-disordered breathing. People who snore or have sleep apnea do not breathe correctly, day and night. Typically, their respiratory rate is faster than the norm, their volume is excessive, and their breathing pattern is irregular. 

How Buteyko Helps:

Buteyko is a breathing re-training program. Once your breathing becomes quite, gentle, calm, relaxed and easy, there would be less snoring sound and less negative pressure on the airways to close (OSA)

Snoring is essentially the movement of too much air over the loose tissue at the back of the throat, causing it to rattle. Usually accompanied by open mouth breathing. It perpetuates the loss of C02 and maintains the dysfunctional breathing pattern. In many cases, teaching the person to reduce the breathing volume and to sleep with closed mouth virtually eliminates the problem.

Central Sleep Apnea
Chronic  hyperventilation is linked to sleep apnea
During NREM sleep breathing is regulated by CO2 pressure
A person who snores is exhaling excessive amount of CO2 and disrupting the pH (too alkaline)
When CO2 levels are below a critical level apnea occurs
The ensuing breath is a large gasp and this lowers the C02 levels again to a danger point
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
OSA is caused by inflammation and closing of the upper airways
It is the strong breathing that causes the upper airways to collapse (like sucking thick milkshake from a straw too hard)
Normalizing (decreasing) the breathing will decrease the collapsibility