Programs and Services

Holistic approach:

Combining breath work, hands-on techniques, gentle movement, voice work, physical exercise guidance, and life-style changes, Hadas helps her clients become self-aware of their habitual patterns that lead to dysfunction and symptoms, and teaches skills and strategies that will enable them to take active control of their health.


This is the first step. In the evaluation we learn about your breathing patterns, your symptoms, and how your breathing patterns affect your symptoms. We determine the right approach for you and decide together on a plan going forward. During the evaluation you will learn some of the most effective excersises for your symptoms. Many of our clients report:

  •     Better sleep starting the first night
  •     Dramatic reduction in asthma symptoms, number of attacks, and severity of attacks starting the first week
  •     Improved productivity and reduction in absences from work
  •     Improved performance in sport 

The evaluation session is 90 minutes.

The Buteyko program:

The Buteyko program is a three-month program including 12 hours of face to face meetings and 7 online progress monitoring meetings. It is designed to help you succeed in restoring normal breathing patterns.

Educators Training Program:

The educators program includes two parts: 

  • Level-1 program for health professional (i.e. SLP's, Dental pro's, etc.) - a 2-days program designed for health professional, focusing on using the Buteyko principles in the professional subject area
  • Leve-2 program for health professionals - a 4-days "hands-on" workshop with clients 

Voice Therapy:

We combine a variety of therapy approaches such as Resonant Voice Therapy, Vocal Function exercises, LSVT, exercises to develop voluntary control of different structures of the vocal mechanism (Estill Voice training), and more to address the individual difficulties of each client.

Services and Fees:

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