Asthma and allergies

The Buteyko breathing method is medically proven, natural, drug-free, and very effective for asthma. It is recognized as an effective method for treating asthma by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma).

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Control your asthma!


Asthmatics overbreathe. That means breathing heavily, rapidly or through the mouth when there is no need for it. Often overbreathing occurs unconsciously, resulting in irritation, inflammation and constriction of the airways.

Multiple studies have shown that on average, asthmatics breathe two to three times more air than people without asthma (Bowler et al, MJA Dec 98). Asthmatics tend to breathe through their mouths instead of their noses, and also at a higher than normal breathing rate. On average, asthmatics are breathing 12 to 14 liters of air per minute instead of the typical 4 to 6 liters of air per minute.
Over time, this excessive breathing pattern results in an abnormal loss of carbon dioxide (C02). CO2 is critical for regulation of many bodily functions such as the acid/alkaline balance of blood. To have optimum oxygenation of tissues and organs the body requires 5.5-6.5% C02 in the lungs. The body creates most of this amount as the atmosphere contains only 0.039%.
For asthmatics, the CO2 level is typically low, due to chronic overbreathing. When a "trigger" is encountered, it stresses the body and breathing increases even more. In an effort to prevent further C02 loss, extra mucus is secreted to clog airways which narrow and constrict – a defense mechanism called asthma. Airways are supposed to be reactive to protect us in situations such as toxic fumes or very hot/cold air.
When an asthmatic uses a bronchodilator to override this, the airways open artificially and they experience temporary relief. Opening the airways continues the over breathing and loss of carbon dioxide. If the breathing volume is not reduced by the time the medication wears off, the person is susceptible to another asthma attack.
The Buteyko exercises are designed to raise your carbon dioxide to healthy levels and stop attacks. With a rise in your C02, breathing will be normal and undesirable symptoms -along with the need for medication will greatly diminish or disappear altogether. Imagine no expensive drugs, no side effects, no fear, no special considerations, no asthma symptoms- freedom. These exercises were developed by the Russian physician Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, and in medical trials have shown a 90% reduction in reliever medication (bronchodilators) after only three weeks on the program.

Asthma Cycle Flowchart


Allergies are a result of malfunction/over reaction of the immune system.

  • Inhaling allergens is a stress that affects the whole body
  • Symptoms are very tiresome and further increase breathing and lower CO2
  • Allergens are often in the air for weeks- extra allergens are inhaled more CO2 is lost - vicious circle
How Buteyko Helps:
  • When normalizing CO2 - no need for protective mechanism of narrowing nasal passages
  • Fewer irritants inhaled
  • Excessive histamine production reduced resulting in less inflammation and mucus production
  • By breathing less protective mucus does not dry out
  • The immune system is working more efficiently