Online Tools - is a web application for clients. It supports the breathing retraining program. It helps logging, monitoring and analyzing your breathing activities, and conditions. It is free. - is built for educators. It is designed for working online with your clients. It gives the educator a summary of his/her clients on the main page. From there, the educator can view and analyze each client’s information, generate reports and write notes. The educator can view and analyze the information at anytime from anywhere as long as he/she has internet connection.

Here is a short presentation discussing how to use Breathing Log and Breathing Plan with the Buteyko Breathing program

Here is a link to the second WebEx recording. It may take a while and may ask you to download a WebEx Network Player plugin, but the quality is much better than the video



"Brilliant, superfast and very convenient to have actives at the top. As my list gets longer it helps not to have to scroll down.
Great that you have over 400 signed up. I love it. Some clients don't want to use it and I feel I cannot help them so easily.
I always include the log in my talks and show examples of client's progress. I think it gives me the edge over educators who don't use it. 

Keep up the good work"

Dr. Janet Winter