How to stop cough

Persistent coughing at night or daytime is the most common symptom among asthmatics

Nose-breathing benefits anyone with a cough, because it moistens and sterilizes the airway and reduces the irritation that causes coughing.
here is how to use the Buteyko principles for an acute cough. The idea is to substitute a swallow of water for a cough, because the swallow is less traumatic to the tissues. The less you cough, the less irritated the vocal folds are, the less mucus they produce, then they can heal, so the less you have to cough. This way you can reverse the vicious cycle of coughing. It’s very simple:

  • always keep a glass of water handy;
  • when you feel the urge to cough, take a small sip;
  • swallow hard and try not to cough;
  • if you absolutely have to cough after a few sips and swallows, do it like a silent throat clear, with your mouth closed.

The more you can practice the Relaxed Breathing in between coughing fits, the quicker your irritated airway can recover. Many people believe they have to cough hard to clear their lungs, but gentle coughing is also effective. This way the airways will stay open, unlike the constricted airways in asthma. Phlegm will come up naturally without damaging the tissues of the throat or stressing the heart.