Our Breathing Center

BreatheOn Inc. is a Breathing Training Center.

It was founded by Hadas and Amit Golan in 2012. It is based on the Buteyko breathing method. Our breathing center provides the following services:

  • Breathing retraining programs for clients: clinically-proven,  natural, safe and effective breath retraining program for asthma, allergiessleep apnea, snoring, hyperventilation syndrome, panic attacks, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, and other stress-related diseasess
  • Educational training programs for speech and language pathologists, dental professionals and other health professionals
  • Buteyko breathing educators qualification program for those who want to become Buteyko educators
  • To schedule an appointment use the Contact form or you can text or leave us a message at (754) 444-0070