The Buteyko Program

It is recognized as an effective method for treating asthma by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma).

It is very effective for allergies, sleep apnea, snoring, hyperventilation syndrome, panic attacks, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, and other diseases/disorders caused and affected by disfunctional breathing. 

Buteyko breathing in a nutshell

In 1952, Russian respiratory Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered that the volume of air we breathe has notable effects on our health. He listed approximately 150 diseases that are caused by over breathing, or hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation means breathing more air than your body needs at a particular time.  Examples include breathing through your mouth while driving a car or watching TV.  Often, hyperventilation occurs subconsciously, resulting in irritation, inflammation, and constriction of the airways. Breathing incorrectly may have devastating results on your health.

The Buteyko method corrects this problem. It consists of breathing exercises specially designed to restore normal breathing patterns and principles about exercise, food and sleeping to achieve maximum control and greatly reduce symptoms.

The Buteyko program

The Buteyko program includes:

  • Buteyko basic course
  • Additional follow-up and guidance as needed

The Buteyko basic course includes: 

  • Typically 5 to 7 individual  1-hour sessions weekly.
  • On-going support through email 

Course highlights:

  • The theory, philosophy and history of the Buteyko Method
  • The primary role of hyperventilation in chronic conditions
  • The physiology of an asthma attack
  • How to use medications properly and how to safely reduce them with your doctor when you are ready
  • Developing awareness of your unhealthy breathing patterns
  • Recognizing symptoms of hyperventilation
  • Learning the Buteyko Breathing exercises to establish healthy breathing patterns
  • Strategies and breathing exercises for coping with:
          -  asthma attacks
          -  allergic reactions
          -  panic attacks
          -  sleep disturbances
          -  stress and anxiety
          -  coughing fits
          -  colds, flu and infections
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes to support your breathing practice
  • Learn how to exercise safely and improve athletic performance 

Who can learn Buteyko
Buteyko is for all people of all ages. Children as young as five years old have successfully mastered the method. Adults into their late eighties have also learnt Buteyko. Adults and children learn different exercises, with teenagers usually learning both. It is necessary for those under eighteen years old to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who attends free of charge. Buteyko is suitable for asthmatics ranging from very mild to the most severe.
The Buteyko program is adjusted according to the severity of your condition. 

To schedule an appointment, use the Contact form or leave us a message at 

(754) 444-0070 (Google phone)

Where is the course:

The course is taking place at my home/office in Newton MA.

Material for the program:

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